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Uncle Lou's Super Clean Chitlins

Louis Foods is committed to delivering the finest, cleanest chitlin products on the market. Try our raw chitlins or cooked chitlins. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.
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   Uncle Lou's Super Clean Chitlins
Uncle Lou's Super Clean Chitlins are the highest quality available with no bleaches, brines, or preservatives. We make them "Super Clean" so you have minimal prep time and maximum flavor.
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   Uncle Lou's Super Clean Chitlins
Unit Weight:
Unit Size:
Case Pack:
Case Dimension:
Case Cube:
Pallet Quantity:
6 43106 11000 8
5 Lbs
12” Long X 10” Wide X 1.75” High
10 Units
50 Lbs
20.5” Long X 12.5” Wide X 9.4” High
42 Cases / Pallet (7 Tie x 6 High)

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