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History & Tradition

Uncle Lou’s Super Premium Chitlins - Our History
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For five generations, Louis Foods has meant superior quality, great value, and excellent service. Since 1887, the single-minded rule of the Rothhaas Family has been to treat every customer as a member of the family.


In the late 1950’s, fourth generation butcher “Uncle Lou” Rothhaas began producing better quality chitlins in his family’s shop on East McMillian St. in Cincinnati. Word of mouth began to spread and people started driving up to 200 miles to buy the super clean pork chitterlings. It was more than chitterlings that brought customers into the store, it was like a family reunion with everyone knowing each other and the Rothhaas family supporting the community by sponsoring youth programs, mentoring young people and volunteering.


Today, we are pleased to bring that same family commitment of quality and service to you through grocery stores across the country. When you purchase any of our great Uncle Lou’s branded products, we’re confident the 132 years of dedication to you, the customer, will come through in every bite.

Uncle Lou’s Tradition Through the Years

Rick and Rob Rothhaas are fifth generation brothers at the family business, and decided to take what their father started to the next level and to a much wider audience. They founded Louis Foods, Inc., and began selling the same high quality chitlins in a frozen form with the Uncle Lou’s label. This product is now available nationwide and has become a staple in many supermarkets where it is a huge seller during the holidays (and the only brand that offers a money back guarantee with a toll free number on every package).

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In 2018, Louis Foods launched a new charitable initiative, “Uncle Lou’s Gives Back”, which donates a percentage of every bag sold to the community in which it was purchased. “Giving back to the communities that support us is part of the Louis Foods’ mission now, so we plan to continue this effort for years to come,”says Rob.

“We are blessed to have had such a wonderful father, who not only gave us this incredible business opportunity but, more importantly, taught us how to treat people right, “ says Rick. “So we want to honor him by paying it forward to both the retailers and customers that helped us to get where we are today.”

The key to serving safe and tasty chitlins is in the cleaning, not the cooking (though we have a few chitlins recipes to help you ensure a delicious finished product). Here at Uncle Lou’s, we are proud to offer super clean pork chitlins for you and your family to make the cleaning process easier than ever.

From our family to yours, enjoy the history and legacy of the Rothhaas family and especially our signature “Uncle Lou’s Super Premium Chitlins”.

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